Mounting an aerial without a chimney or sidewall

  • Before

    A TV aerial can also be fitted to cladding
  • During

    After the hanging tiles are removed, the vertical joists are exposed
  • During

    Fit the aerial support brackets making sure all fixing are secure
  • During

    Refit the cladding, cutting around the brackets as required
  • After

    And now the aerial and mast can go up
One way of achieving a good fixing of an aerial is to sometimes look beyond what you can first see. In the above example an aerial is fitted to a bungalow without a chimney or sidewall.

Fitting an aerial on to a new house without a chimney - aerial fitted to brickwork.

aerial fitted to new houseaerial fitted to brickwork

Fixing an antenna to a chimney.

chimney antenna clampsaerial fitted to chimney

A common aerial fault may be a poorly fitted connector and we hope these pictures below help if this is the case (connectors are available through our online shop).

Rebuilding a connector (click for larger image)